Crow Trap 3M x 2M

Crow Trap 3M x 2M

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Raven used to capture black crows and carrion crows.



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Raven cage 3mx2m 


Aviary with conical roof for trapping black crows and rook crows. 

We offer different models of crow traps.

Technical data : 

  • Dimensions : 3M x 2M x 2M
  • Sold in kit form, the assembly instructions are supplied with
  • 12 panels of 1M x 2M locksmith's wire netting
  • Mesh size 50 x 50 mm
  • 1 panel with door
  • 1 wooden ladder
  • Bindings
  • French production in our workshops

How to use it :

The birds enter the crow trap through a wooden grid, they will then be lured inside with the help of live decoys. The crows enter through the ladder by dropping down. 

Remember that decoys must be fed and watered regularly to keep them in shape. Also remember to provide shelter and a perch for your callers inside your crow trap. 

Of course, the crow trap has a door for the caller to enter. 

Where to put it?

Place your crow trap close to the place where the crows are missing. If you cannot find the place where you place your crow trap, move it there. It is important to remember that each move will be tedious as you will have to dismantle and reassemble the crow trap each time you handle it, including dismantling, transporting, reassembling and then reinstalling the callers. Therefore, take the time to carefully analyze the pests in order to maximize your chances of capture after installation.  

The crow trap must be lifted every day. It is preferable to raise it at nightfall because corvids have very good vision and can therefore observe you very well. 

Thanks to the materials used, this product is very durable over time. Voluntary damage or heavy weather could cause damage to your crow trap. 

We recommend that you use handling gloves to protect yourself from pecking when pulling out your catches. 

One advantage of our crow traps is that our crow traps and magpies (2 or 4 entrances) do not need to be rearmed. 

The advantage of the crow trap is that it is a multi-socket trap, in fact, this cage, unlike our crow traps and magpies (on our website with 2 or 4 entrances) does not need to be rearmed. It also allows the capture of large immature crows.

The rook :


Bird measuring an average of 90cm. Its plumage is black with purple highlights. The base of its beak is devoid of feathers. With age this part becomes white. The Common Raven will mainly cause damage to orchards, seedlings, cereals and lawns (when looking for earthworms to feed on).


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