Set of 3 magpie traps with 4 entrances

Set of 3 magpie traps with 4 entrances

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Batch of 3 trays with 4 trays 4 starters



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Batch of 3 trays with 4 trays 4 starters

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Technical specifications :

  • This set consists of 3 traps.
  • They are octagonal traps, they are ideal for catching magpies in orchards, crops, along hedges...
  • Made of 25mm x 50mm mesh, this magpie trap measures 80cm x 80cm by 30cm high, it is light and easily transportable so you can easily move it around.  
  • Find all the technical characteristics of this magpie trap on our website: magpie trap 4 entrances
  • The 3 magpie traps are delivered on pallets and delivery costs are free, so don't hesitate to buy several to save money. This is above all why we have created this set :)
  • This magpie trap is made in France in our workshops.  

Use of the trap :

The capture of the magpies is done thanks to a caller, in this case a magpie from another sector, who will be perceived as an intruder. Don't forget to water and feed your decoy, as well as to protect it from the rain. The magpies in your area will come and attack it, and if they want to get close to it, they will enter a compartment and close the door. In this model of magpie trap you can catch up to 4 magpies as it has 4 catch compartments in addition to the central compartment for the caller. If you also want to catch crows, we advise you to choose a crow trap which will be more versatile. With a crow trap you will be able to catch both magpies and crows. Whereas the magpie trap is 30cm lower (instead of 50cm for the crow trap), it is only intended for catching magpies. Find our 4 entrances crow trap on our website.

The magpie is talkative in Europe :

Pica pica more commonly called "chattering magpie" is part of the corvids. It is easily recognizable by its black and white plumage. But when it is in excess it can cause damage in crops, orchards and on small game: young fledgling eggs... The regularisation of magpies is regulated by legislation according to the time of year and the sector. Find all the information about the magpie trap on the UNAPAF website or on this blog.


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