Catiche Trap for coypu & muskrats

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Trap "Catiche" multi-plug socket for coyotes and muskrats.


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The Catiche Coypu Trap

If you wish to buy several Catiches, we advise you to buy the set of 3 Catiches, the shipping costs will then be offered to you.

The Catiche is a coypu cage with a patented concept that allows you to trap several coypu or several muskrats at the same time. It is a trap that does not kill, it only captures. It is a coypu cage very easy to use and adapts to all environments. It is especially made to trap several small coypu or several muskrats at the same time rather than to trap only one large coypu.

Our advice for use

To use this coypu cage, you just have to place a bait in the compartment provided for this purpose. The coypu will be attracted by the bait and will climb on the rocking board. As it moves towards the bait, it gets closer to the tipping point and ends up falling into the cage. Because the rocker board is made of aluminum sheeting, the coypu (or muskrat) has no grip: it slips, cannot climb up and gets stuck in the coypu cage.

Which bait to choose: what works best to attract the coypu is to use pieces of carrot or apple... but also corn if for example in a corn field. Other baits can be used in this coypu cage, but carrots and apples are cheap and easy to use. For more tips and ideas on how to trap coypu and muskrat, we advise you to take a look at the Journal du Chasseur, it can be useful!

Where should I place my coypu cage?

It is a practical and easy to use trap. It can be placed just about anywhere, but as with many other coypu (or muskrat) traps, it is best to place it next to the water. Coyotes and muskrats live right next to water so you are sure to place your coyote trap if it is next to a watercourse. Also, when you go to raise your traps and catch pests, you can use the water to drown the coypu or muskrat. 

In order for the coypu, but especially the muskrat, to climb on the rocking board easily, it is also advisable to make a small wooden ramp. You can use it to partially submerge the coypu cage. Be careful that the cage is not totally in the water because it is illegal.

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    Bonjour Excellente qualité du produit facile à mettre en place et à transporter grâce à la poignée (une deuxième poignée en face serait le top).

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    Livraison conforme en bon état

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