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Batch of 2+2 rat trap

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Set of 4 rat cages 2 double entries and 2 single entries.


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2 boxes with 2 small entrances and 2 with a single entrance.


Ideal for trapping grey rats in henhouses, aviaries, along walls.


Small entrances to avoid catching poultry.


Triggering is done by pressure on the pallet causing the doors to close.


Possible use of bait at the bottom of the cage. 

Specially reduced box size for use in pens.

Equipped with a carrying handle.

Dimensions: 16.5x16.5x50cm.


Product painted green.

Made in France in our workshops

Our rat traps :

This rat trap replaces "the faggot". It is also called dobby, rat cage, rat trap.

This rat trap makes it possible to capture the animal without injuring or killing it. Rat cages are ideal for capturing muskrats, weasels, grey rats and small pests. 

These rat traps are equipped with a carrying handle, to make it easier to hold the cage once the animal is captured, and to avoid any risk of biting. 

Advice for use :

This specially manufactured rat trap of small size, facilitates its installation in aviaries and parks. The ideal is to position it along a fence, or in a place where the pest often passes. 

This rat trap has a small entrance (and also 2 entrances for this lot) to avoid the capture of poultry in parks and aviaries. When the animal passes over the pallet placed in the rat trap, it engages the door closing mechanism. To maximise your chances of capture, place a bait (cat food, bacon...) at the bottom of the cage. 

We advise you to place food without arming the rat trap and to let the animal come and eat in the cage so that it gets used to it and is no longer afraid to enter. As soon as the bait disappears regularly, turn on the catching box.

It is advisable to handle the rat cage with handling gloves, to avoid the transmission of diseases. As a reminder, rats can carry leptospirosis, a disease that can be serious for both humans and animals.

How to recognize a rat? 

The grey rat, also known as the Norway rat, brown rat or sewer rat, is a nocturnal rodent. It measures about 25 centimetres and its tail is about 20 centimetres long, so it is smaller than its cousin the black rat. 


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