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Rat Trap


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Pesticide Free - Environmentally Friendly - Reusable - Natural Bait

  • Ready-to-use bait: the bait is a non-toxic product with a strong attraction power on rats.

  • Extraordinarily high catch rate: Thousands of users have seen a huge number of catches in a very short period of time.

  • Swiss design, very powerful spring mechanisms.

  • You will dispose of the dead rodent hygienically without direct contact.

  • Its instant closing jaws are designed to kill rats quickly.

  • For indoor or outdoor use.

Easy to use

  • Push the lever down and remove the protective bait cap. SuperCat is ready for use!

  • Place the trap in the correct location. Be aware that rats rarely pass through an open space, so place it with the opening facing the wall.

  • The body of the rat can be removed quickly and easily without touching it by pressing the flap. SuperCat is ready for use again!

SuperCat replacement baits are available from many dealers.

Rat trap bait

The SuperCat rat trap is supplied with bait and ready for immediate use. The bait is made of a durable natural substance that rats find irresistible. It contains no poison or hazardous chemicals and is safe for both humans and animals. The SuperCat rat trap captures and eliminates pests extremely effectively and its powerful striking mechanism instantly kills even the toughest rats.

To adjust the trap, open it by pressing the large lever and remove the bait holder cover - the trap is now ready for use. To remove the dead rat quickly and hygienically without having to touch it, hold the trap jaws down over a trash can and press the lever - the rat will fall out of the trap. The SuperCat trap is very robust and can be used again and again. Replacement baits are available.


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